Continuing Education that’s fun
for Real Estate Professionals

Discover the better way to renew your license

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Continuing education that’s fun for Real Estate Professionals

Discover the better way to renew your license

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Why use us for your continuing education?

Experiential Learning

Typical CE is boring. We present ‘real’ situations via simulations to give you the best learning experience.

Instant Certificate Technology

Under a time crunch? Print your certificate instantly. Get your license renewed on time!

Meets all State Requirements

We partnered with the Georgia Association of Realtors to give you the highest quality product.

Play anywhere on any device

Your course follows you where you go. Play anywhere you have an interent connection and get your credits fast and easy.

Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t like it, we’ll refund you!

“As an Education Director, the Real Estate Game Works products provide a unique and compelling opportunity to provide online education in a format that improves every aspect of the learning experience ranging from engagement, retention, and enjoyment. This is essentially the goose that lays golden egg for all Education Directors and I am extremely proud of the opportunity provide this service to our members.”Mary Hull-Drury
Director of Education, Washington REALTORS®
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Course Packages Elective Hours Mandatory Hours Total Hours Price Checkout
Full Generation Plus (Finish in 25 Hours)
27 3 30 $139
Full Generation (Finish in 22.5 Hours)
27 0 27 $139
Half Generation Plus (Finish in 12.5 Hours)
12 3 15 $89
Half Generation (Finish in 10 Hours)
12 0 12 $89
Variable Generation (Finish in 2.5-8.3 Hours)
3-10 0 3-10 $69
Core Generation (Finish in 2.5 Hours)
0 3 3 $29

Did you know: Washington allows you to carry over 15 credit hours to your next license renewal. So any extra hours you complete can be applied to your next renewal.

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